Basset Hound

Breed nicknames:Basset, Hush Puppy

Country of origin:


Weight:Male: 55–75 pounds (25–34 kg), female: 45–65 pounds (20–29 kg)

Height:Male: 12–15 inches (30–38 cm), Female: 11–14 inches (28–36 cm)

Coat:Smooth, short and close

Color:Generally black, white and tan (tri-colour) or tan/lemon and white (bi-colour); but any recognized hound colour acceptable.

Litter size:6-8 puppies

Life span:Average 11-12 years


AKC - American Kennel Club:

UKC - United Kennel Club:

TKC - The Kennel Club:

NZKC - New Zealand Kennel Club:

FCI - International: ,

Cute basset hound

Basset Hounds are another very well-known breed. You may not know them by name, but, even so, they are recognizable. Just think of the short, stubby dogs with very long ears and a sad looking, droopy face that’s just too cute. That’s a Basset Hound! If you ever wanted to learn more about this fabulously gentle dog breed, you have come to the right place. Here we will talk about their appearance, as well as their temperament. We will also tell you about some common health issues they face, and the specialized care they need.

About Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds sport smooth and short coats that are easily groomed. They are typically colored and marked like larger hounds. Unlike regular hounds, however, they are very short when it comes to their legs (even males only get a few inches taller than a foot) but can be very long in body. Most recognizable are their very long and floppy ears, which actually help them with their magnificent ability to track via scent. Their faces may also appear to sag a bit. Many appear to have extra folds of fat around their neck and over their body.


Despite common misconceptions about this breed, they can be so playful and sweet. Even around very young children and other dogs they are great. Just as you would expect any scent hound to be, they are very easy to train to get them to behave properly. All you have to do is offer then positive reinforcement through yummy food. They will get the idea pretty quickly. Also expect their sense of smell to distract them more than other breeds.

Health Issues

Sadly, Basset Hounds have some health issues due to their long ears, as well as their short stature. In some cases, jumping off of surfaces can harm the legs, hips, and spine of either very young or very old dogs. Ear issues can include infection in bits, ear mites, buildup of wax, and more. They are also prone to eye infections from the collection of dusts under their eyes. Being overweight can lead to serious health issues in this breed, too. Be sure to feed them the proper diet.

Dog Care

Be sure to take your Bassett Hound on walks, daily, even if they might resist. Getting them outside and keeping them stimulated for a bit each day is important. Keep them on a leash. Their diet should be full of lots of protein. Wipe the areas under their eyes clean with a damp cloth. Wash and dry their ears on a regular basis. You may also want to use a dry cloth to wipe away drool at the edges of their mouth. A dab of power there helps, too. Do not let them jump off any high surfaces. If they insist in going into the water, be sure to watch them carefully, as they are not known for swimming abilities. A regular bath and brush can be done as needed.