Can Dogs Eat Fruit? Here’s a list of fruit your dog can enjoy

We all know fruits are very healthy for humans. But were you aware they can be excellent for your dog too?

Although dogs do not need fruit to be healthy, it can still be an excellent addition to their diet. It can provide our canine friends with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition it can provide hydration, which can be especially important during summer.

Here’s which fruits your dog can safely eat!


Apple slices can be a treat or added to your dog’s regular meal. Apples include vitamins A, C and fibers and helps clean teeth and keep your dogs breath fresh(er).

Making sure you don’t serve your dog apple slices with seeds is the only thing you need to watch out for.


Bananas have a wealth of benefits for dogs. They contain potassium, fibers and vitamin C. All of this is good for digestion, heart and muscles.


Melons are a safe and healthy refreshment for our furry friends, but must not be served with the crust.

Melons contain vitamins A, B6 and C, along with fibers, potassium, and niacin. High concentration of beta carotene ensures good vision and improves the immune system.


This exotic fruit can be the ideal snack for your pet as long as it’s served peeled and without seeds. It improves heart, immune system, eyes and digestive system due to a high concentration of vitamins A, C, E, K, along with other useful ingredients such as potassium and calcium.


Blueberries have anti-bacterial properties and are great for oral health. They contain vitamins C and K and fibers and manganese.

Blueberries should be cut in half, otherwise your dog might not be too eager to eat them.


Dogs can eat raw, dried or even boiled cranberries. Cranberries are excellent for your dogs bladder, teeth and immune system due to vitamins C, E, and B.


Most dogs love raspberries, but you should serve them in moderation. Raspberries contain vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants making them useful in battling aging and cancer.


Strawberries should be cut into smaller pieces before server. Obviously, remove the leaf from the top too.

These fruits are full of anti-oxidants. They help regulate blood sugar, act anti-inflammatory and help improve the immune system.


Watermelon is a delightful refreshment for hot summer days. Dogs included. Watermelon rind and seeds must be removed as dogs have a hard time digesting it.

Forbidden fruit for dogs:

Never give your dog cherries, grapefruit, grapes, lemon, lime or plums!

Whenever you give a piece of fruit to your dog for the first time make sure to watch the reaction. If your dog doesn’t like a particular fruit do not force it upon them! Like humans, dogs have their preferences too.

If you intend to more frequently feed your dog with various fruits it’s always recommended to consult with a veterinarian and come up with a diet plan.