"With healthy lives, some toy poodles can live up to 20 years or more."

Other names for this breed:Pudle, Caniche, Barbone

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Height:Standard over 45 cm to 60 cm (+2 cm) (18 to 24 in), medium over 35 cm to 45 cm (14 to 18 in), miniature over 28 cm to 35 cm (11 to 14 in), toy 24 to 28 cm (9.4 to 11 in)

Coat:Single layer coat with no undercoat composed of dense, curly fur minimal shedding.

Color:Solid or parti-colored coat, with colors including white, black, brown, parti, silver, gray, silver beige, apricot, red, cream, sable, and patterns such as phantom and brindle.

Litter size:Standard 7, Medium 3.7, Miniature 3, Toy 2.4 puppies on average

Life span:Standard size poodles 11.5 - 12 years, Miniature and Toy 14 - 14.5 years


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Poodle wallpaper

The Poodle is a well known breed that was established as early as the 1500’s in Germany. There is some evidence that the breed existed before it started being recorded formally. The Standard Poodle or the full size poodle was used as a gun dog for hunting through out Germany. They are still used today to hunt in the US and Canada.

Their bodies are ideal for water fowl hunting. Their coats are waterproof, they have webbed feet and their ears keep the water out! Most people do not think of poodles as working dogs but that is exactly how they are classified.

There are three sizes of this breed and each has their own special job! The standard was the hunter of water fowl. The mini hunted as well but truffles were what they hunted. The toy’s only job was to be a lap sitter and make people happy!

Coat and Grooming

This breed does not have an under coat. They have a thick outer layer of very curly hair. They shed minimally making them ideal for anyone that suffers from allergies. They can almost be considered hypoallergenic.

They require regular trimming and a good grooming routine so that their hair does not become matted. Poodles that show have to adhere to a strict clipping requirement. Of course those that are not used for show can be clipped anyway the handler prefers.


This breed comes in either a solid color or a parti color combination. The color range includes white, black, champagne, blues, gray, cream and apricot colors. The parti color combination can be any of the aforementioned colors. There are “tuxedo markings” and even a range that includes Doberman like markings.


This is absolutely one of the most readily trainable breeds. They are very smart and can typically ace any obedience or agility training. Typically a few times is all it takes to teach a poodle. They are well known for their agility.

They enjoy swimming with their people and a rousing game of fetch. They like to be engaged and challenged so excel easily at just about any sport. They can be aloof with strangers at first but quickly warm up to them once they realize that their people are accepting of the stranger.

Standards are the best pick for families with children. They enjoy the company of children and display nurturing qualities toward children. Toys and mini’s are not quite as tolerant of children and will bite out of fear so they are best reserved for families with older children.

They do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. They enjoy the company of their family and like to be included in the activities. They usually get alone with other animals as well. They do not make very good guard or watch dogs because while they do not take to strangers immediately they are not aggressive with them either.


Poodles can live anywhere that their family lives. They are usually very well behaved dogs that are not very vocal unless it is clear that it is time to let loose and have some words with people so they do well in apartments.

They require a medium amount of exercise to let their inner working dog out! Long walks and some games of fetch can help to maintain a happy environment for a Poodle.

Health Issues

This breed enjoys a generally overall good amount of health with few genetic concerns but there are some things to watch for. Addison Disease is a potentially fatal disease if not treated but can be successfully treated and not interrupt the duration of the dogs life. Addison Disease can cause an imbalance of the homeostasis of the dog.

Bloat is another common issue that plagues the Poodle. Proper nutrition and exercise can help to offset this issue. They can also be prone to recurring ear infections. With proper health care and regular health care checks at the vet many of the health concerns can be caught early on and treated without incidence.

This breed has a life span of about 12 years which can be extended with proper care.


This breed makes a trustworthy companion that is fun and lively. The standard can easily adapt to any family dynamic and become a valued family member. The smaller mini and toy are more lap dog than anything else and love to pick their person and spend every minute that they can with their person.

They are very eager to learn and to be challenged which makes them an interesting companion to take on walks, go hiking with and take a swim. Overall this a long established breed that is above all else an excellent companion that is perfect for the first time dog owner.